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Lucky Dog Rescue Flights is dedicated to providing charitable flights to those in need at no cost, with an emphasis on animal rescue flights. All missions are conducted in private aircraft.

This free service is available to financially distressed people who are in time-sensitive, but non-emergency situations due to a medical condition. We transport people for medical treatments and to hospice care and also provide compassion flights so that family members can visit those who are critically ill.

We believe animals are important, too! A stunning 7-9 million are killed each year. Some "shelters" kill hundreds per week, often in gas chambers. Lucky Dog Rescue Flights has relocated over 200 dogs that would otherwise have been killed, delivering them to their new families, to foster families, and to adoption centers.

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Lucky Dog Rescue Flights featured on ABC TV 190 North

Lucky Dog Resue Flights on ABC TV

ABC took to the sky and flew to southern Missouri with Lucky Dog Rescue Flights to see an animal rescue flight in action.
Like everyone else, they want to know -
• Why are rescue flights needed?
• What's the process?
• Where do the animals go when you get back?
• Uh...what happens if Col. Mustard has an accident in the plane?
Watch as ABC's "190 North" goes flying high with Lucky Dog Rescue Flights!